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Crash Course on Crystals:

Meanings of Common Crystal Forms:

Let's talk about the energetic significance and practical applications of some of the most popular crystal designs in use today. This is by no means an exhaustive list of applications for these forms, or survey of the subject matter but it does serve as a good one. We do not currently stock all the shapes I will discuss; we intend to rectify that situation in the near future.

The Cube - The cube shape is common among crystals. As a form, it can stabilize and collect a lot of energy. These crystals are well-known for their security and are simple to program thanks to their calculated design. Given that the energy is contained and amplified uniformly within the stone, it is particularly effective when used in conjunction with intentions and energies that serve to ground. It can transform destructive energy into constructive one and serve as a springboard for meditation. These stones are wonderful for practicing mindfulness and focus, making them ideal for those who must pay close attention to every detail.

The Double Pointed Crystal is a rare variety of crystals that has a point at both ends, giving it the appearance of a rod or wand. These crystals are exceptionally potent due to their bidirectional energy transmission and emission properties. Both ends could be transmitting or emitting energy at the same moment, or it could be that one end is releasing energy while the other is transmitting. As a result, they can be put to a wide variety of uses, however, caution should be taken when employing them. A double-terminated crystal is a balancing stone that connects the spiritual and the material worlds. It is possible to link two sources of energy with the help of a crystal with two ends. A crystal wand with two ends, or "termini," can emit or absorb energy in two different directions at once. Different from their more common relatives, these stones begin life in clay rather than on a rocky surface. The bidirectional flow of energy makes them ideal for use in grid construction or for exchanging power with another entity. That's because it has the ability to both take in and release energy. These stones can also be used as a bridge to link disparate locations, concepts, or even people. It's a device for releasing stagnant energy and getting things moving again.

The Egg is an exceptionally lovely form of crystal. Acupressure practitioners and refloxologists both find these crystals to be useful tools. Egg-shaped gems have a reputation for storing energy that can be used to correct internal disharmony. Crystal Eggs, which are also three-dimensional, available in a wide range of sizes. The protective, restorative, and reinforcing properties of the egg form are well-documented. The energies of crystal eggs are said to be conducive to new beginnings and personal rejuvenation. Even small eggs could be too delicate to transport safely. You can meditate with a Crystal Egg in your hand, pass it through your aura as you walk around the house, or display it proudly. Make use of bowls or a stand designed for crystal balls to display them. They make excellent focal points for crystal grids intended for healing, protection, or a fresh start. This form is obviously not found in nature, but it shouldn't lessen the significance of its artificiality. Because of its smooth edges, which are ideal for exerting pressure in a rolling motion, it is frequently employed as a potent therapeutic tool, especially in reflexology and acupressure. These forms have (historical) connections to fertility and may therefore be useful to people seeking enhancements in this area. Eggs can be used in a variety of ways in yoga and meditation, such as props for sitting on top of (with a cushioned block underneath, of course) or nestled between the thighs. It is also said that their influence grows stronger every spring. Since these men don't end in a sharp point, their energy is uniformly dispersed in all directions.

Yoni eggs, however, are gaining popularity. These crystals, shaped like eggs, are designed to be placed in the genital area. They can do a lot of good for your health. Using yoni eggs has many benefits, including enhanced sensuality, larger, more satisfying orgasms, greater confidence and desire, better vaginal health and lubrication, and a more robust pelvic floor. The practice of womb massage is becoming increasingly popular because of the positive effects it has on self-care, sexual health, and a sense of belonging to one's own womb, despite its initially scary sound. To learn much more, check out this fantastic resource.

The Heart A gemstone shaped like a heart is said to be very effective in attracting loving energy and in helping those struggling with negative emotions. This crystal is used to treat the mind and has been shown to alleviate feelings of melancholy, loss, sorrow, and pain. The heart crystal's ability to boost conception has also been documented. The Heart The heart-shaped crystal is said to attract love energy and energies that can help persons with bad emotions. This crystal's therapeutic effects are focused on the mind and its ability to alleviate emotional distress. In addition to improving conception, the heart crystal is also thought to encourage healthy pregnancy outcomes.

The laser wand is a long, clear crystal that tapers to a point at its end. Healers of the energy realm, such as acupuncturists and energy workers, often use this particular crystal. The power of this stone is concentrated at its very pointy end. Use this crystal only for good, focused purposes. The Laser Wand is crafted from a clear crystal that tapers to a point at its end. The acupuncture and energy healing communities have a fondness for this particular crystal. All of the crystal's potency is focused at its very pointy end. You should only have good, straightforward intentions when using this crystal. Typically, the tip of a laser wand is smaller than the base, but these lengthy crystals develop naturally with small facets at one end. Traditional wand stones are available for purchase, although laser wands are more often found in the wild. Rough or smooth bottoms are possible. Similar to a traditional magic wand, these shapes can be used to aid in casting spells, reciting affirmations, and tending to one's altar. They aid in focusing one's mental and spiritual resources on a certain target. Likewise, their ability to channel energy makes them excellent collaborators in grid construction.

The Massage Wand is a special kind of crystal that is ideally suited for use by massage therapists since it has two rounded ends, with one end being wider than the other. Numerous reflexologists and massage therapists use them. The Massage Wand is a special sort of crystal that is ideally suited for use by massage therapists since it has two rounded ends, with one end being wider than the other. Masseurs and reflexologists love them.

Sacred Geometry Shapes

Crystals might take on the form of one of the sacred geometry shapes. The word "platonic solids" refers to the spiritual significance of these crystals, which stand for the elements that make up all of life. When used for meditation or chakra balancing, these gems can have a profound effect. There is a possibility that certain crystals will resemble one of the sacred geometry shapes. The word "platonic solids" refers to the spiritual significance of these crystals, which stand for the elements that make up all of life. The usage of these crystals in meditation and to realign the chakras is highly recommended.

The Pencil is a long, thin crystal with one sharp and one flat end. The name comes from its resemblance to a pencil. Both professional energy workers who want to set up a crystal grid and amateur crystal healers can benefit from their use. The Pencil is a long, thin crystal with a tip at one end and a flat surface at the other. The name comes from its resemblance to a pencil. Professional energy workers utilize them to construct crystal grids, while amateur crystal healers use them on a daily basis.

The Pendulum - This well-liked crystal form can be fashioned into a pendant or a pendulum with little effort. This crystal's protective and curative properties are enhanced when worn. It can also detect any inconsistencies inside the human body. This crystal's pendulum qualities make it useful for a wide range of applications, particularly in the hands of adept energy workers. The Pendulum - This well-liked crystal form can be fashioned into a pendant or a pendulum with little effort. This gem is a powerful healer and protector when worn. It can also detect any inconsistencies inside the human body. This crystal's pendulum qualities make it useful for a wide range of applications, particularly in the hands of adept energy workers.

The Pointed Crystal One of the most frequent crystal shapes is the pointed crystal, which has one sharp point and one rough edge. This crystal is an excellent choice for novices because of its versatility and ease of use in healing techniques. The form is typical for transparent quartz. One of the most frequent crystal shapes, the pointed crystal has one sharp point and one rough edge. This crystal has a versatile shape that can be used in many different healing modalities. This is the typical form for transparent quartz.

The Sphere: The sphere is a powerful shape, and these crystals are always artificially created because of this. The sphere crystal's energy is evenly distributed in all directions, making it a useful tool for meditation and finding one's spiritual center. The Sphere A man-made crystal of this shape is always a sphere, but this is because the sphere is a potent shape that yields potent crystals. When you're attempting to meditate and get in touch with your inner self, a sphere crystal is useful since its energy flows out in all directions.

The Tower To be able to stand on its own, this tower-shaped crystal is aerodynamically built and has relatively smooth surfaces all around (hence the name "Tower"). The most impressive tower crystals have a sharp point at the very top, like a little castle. These crystals are so potent that just being in their presence is enough to activate nearby objects. Be careful when using these tower crystals. The Tower This crystal is relatively symmetrical all around and aerodynamically stable. The most impressive tower-shaped crystals take on a castlelike appearance when they are produced with a sharp point at their very peak. These crystals are so potent that just being in their vicinity can give out a surge of energy. Be careful when using these tower crystals.

The Wand is a long crystal that is broader in the middle and tapered at both ends. Wands, which are typically man-made, are excellent healing crystals because of their ease of use in directing energy flow. The Wand is a long crystal that is broader in the middle and tapered at both ends. Wands, which are typically manmade, are excellent healing crystals because of their ease of use in directing the flow of energy.

Broken Stone. This is the most widely available form of cut and polished crystal. Tumble polishing produces a glossy finish on small stone fragments. The stones are often smaller in size and have an irregular shape. This shape serves several purposes and emits a diffuse, soothing glow in all directions. Tumble Stones are perfect for creating any kind of crystal grid and can be utilized in a wide variety of ways, including carrying them with you, storing them in bags or bowls around the house, placing them directly on the body or chakras, etc. They are a wonderful place to begin when experimenting with a new kind of crystal because they are less expensive than other kinds. The energetically sensitive can also benefit greatly from these.

Pyramid of Crystal

In a pyramid, the four triangular sides are supported by a square base. Pyramids serve as focal points and energy anchors. They ground energies and boost them so that they can be projected from the peak. In and around the house, pyramids perform admirably. It is possible to balance your chakras by placing small ones on each of them. When building a crystal grid for the purposes of intention amplification, vibrational enhancement, or personal protection, pyramids make excellent focal points. Stones cut into the shape of a pyramid contain four parallel facets and a squared off base. These configurations are excellent for protecting against harmful energy or clearing energetic blockages in the chakras. The use of this form is also highly recommended for purposes of affirmation and manifestation. This formation maximizes the crystal's inherent qualities. It's an excellent pick for those who work in the medical field. The features of a pyramidal shape are preserved in structures that have been built like towers.

Sphere of Crystal

You may also hear them referred to as a Crystal Ball. A Crystal Sphere is precisely round because it has been cut and polished. Energy from spheres is diffused and distributed uniformly in all directions. They have the ability to slow down and cancel out disruptive or imbalanced energy. They have a link to either Earth, another planet, or the Moon. The Third Eye Chakra can be opened with the use of a sphere, allowing the user to practice clairvoyance. Crystal spheres have long been utilized in the art of scrying, and this makes perfect sense. Crystals can be held over the chakras or circulated through the aura during a therapeutic session. Displaying spheres, which lend a sense of calm and stability to the home, necessitates a special stand. For earth healing, harmony, protection, or psychic development, place them at the center of crystal grids. Similar to how the sphere's radiative effects are distributed across the entire sphere, circular shapes like this one distribute energy uniformly in all directions. Scrying practitioners frequently make use of these formations, which allow them to see into the past and future with greater clarity. Because the shape is uniform in all directions, it is thought that light, energy, and time can flow freely through it, allowing the wearer to engage in scrying. They can be rather pricey depending on their size, but their faults or occlusions aid the scrying process.

True Love Has a Crystal Heart

These can be any type of crystal that has been fashioned into the standard heart form. The energy of the Heart Chakra can be channeled through crystal hearts, which stand for love and the heart. When used for healing, these stones are put over the corresponding chakra. Even a small heart can go anywhere with you. Hearts of any size, but especially those of the medium to big variety, can be incorporated into crystal grids and used to decorate the home or the bedroom. Magnetizing love and new partnerships, crystal hearts are a powerful tool. They are effective at mending broken spirits and mend broken hearts. A balanced relationship benefits from the heart's balancing, loving energy.

Crystalline Standoff

These structures are often referred to as "Crystal Towers." Crystal Points can be man-made replicas of natural formations, or they can be found stones that have been shaped into the familiar form. They focus energies outward from their center, as do all points. Carved In order to better focus our energy and our will, standing crystals are typically shaped into Generator Points. You can use them to increase the energy in a specific spot. Set them up in a holy room or on an altar. Use free-standing crystal points to create a grid in the four corners of your home or office. They are also perfect for use as the focal point of a crystal grid.

Sparkling Angel in Crystal Form

There is a wide range of sizes and forms that crystal angels can take. They're not lifelike statues; rather, they're rather simplistic. Various angels, including your guardian angel, can be contacted with the aid of Crystal Angels since they serve as an anchor for angelic energies. You may easily carry a little one in your purse or pocket. You can use them to bring in extra high-vibration heavenly support, protection, or healing into your home or healing space by placing them strategically around the place. Angelic crystal grids can also have Crystal Angels at their centers.

Magic Stick

Crystal wands, often known as massage wands, are made from a single crystal and can be pointed or rounded. Crystal wands now available in a wide variety of sizes and designs, but the basic concept remains the same. The primary function of these tools is to channel crystal energy into the auric field and the seven main energy centers of the body. The Energy Healer can also use them to channel other energies, such as Reiki, through them. It is common practice to use the rounded or fattest end of a Crystal Wand to dissipate unwanted energy.

Skull in Crystal

These carvings can range from lifelike representations to symbolic depictions of the human skull. Most of them have the characteristics listed here because they are modeled after human skulls. Connecting with one's ancestors, guides, or other spiritual instructors and masters is facilitated by crystal skulls. They can be called upon for protection, healing, and the transmission of wisdom from the ages. When utilized in meditation, crystal skulls can be held in the hands, put around the house, or even incorporated into crystal grids.



Tumbled stones are a type of polished crystal that has been rounded off from its original rough shape. In spite of their lack of shape, they are not sharp to the touch. You can use these crystals for fundamental crystal practices like grids, meditation, affirmations, altar work, feng shui, and more for a lower cost.


An Abundance crystal is a single, elongated quartz crystal with a cluster of lesser crystals at its base. If you're looking to bring more riches and prosperity into your life, go no further than this stone, which also serves as a powerful conduit for your other wealth and business stones. Find out where to put your stones of prosperity and plenty.


It's not always the case that a natural point will be a long crystal. In the context of faceted crystals, they refer to any point that has formed organically rather than being perfectly carved. Use of these stones requires discretion since their pointed nature can either attract energy toward the body (when pointed at a person) or away from the body (when pointed away from the body). Because of these qualities, it can be used as a powerful instrument in therapeutic contexts.


It can be a bit of a challenge to locate the Phantom formation. An unclear image is embedded in these crystals, despite the fact that the majority of the crystal is transparent. The crystal's ethereal ghost is supposed to store a wealth of historical data, giving it a potent assist in reconstructing the past and curing ailments associated with it. Additional characteristics will be activated if the phantom is located within a crystal. Any Phantom configuration, however, will serve as a powerful stone capable of shaking loose your inner skeleton and revealing a new, more robust you.


Six (or more, depending on your preference) facets of a Generator will converge on a central point. It gets its name from the fact that it produces magnified energy, increasing the potency of other stones or the stone itself. These formations are also excellent for charging more stones.


These gems are difficult to come by since they appear commonplace at first glance. On the other hand, when opened or broken, they expose a hollow grotto filled with brilliant crystals. Geodes are able to store and diffuse energy because of their closed structure, which allows for a more uniform dispersal of the energy that is housed within. You can use these patterns for self-defense or to help you overcome destructive behaviors like alcoholism, drug abuse, a shopping addiction, or a negative internal dialogue.


Stones are considered "raw" if they have not been treated in any way to make them more aesthetically pleasing. Many people enjoy the aesthetic of these stones because they appear raw in their natural surroundings, despite the fact that they are more fragile and break more easily than other formations. Raw stones, like tumbling stones, are ideal for all spiritual practice and are typically relatively economical.


In a crystal, Akashic lines are formed in a horizontal orientation (they look vertical in the above photo because the crystal is laying on its side). They're like rungs on a ladder, lined up neatly along the face of a crystal. Simply put, the markings are stripes carved into the stone. When you enter Akasha, you'll be transported to a world of information or library that contains every potential reality and alternate timeline. It's too big to be covered in a single paragraph and merits its own blog entry. But! There is a belief that through dealing with these stones, not only may we uncover previously unknown features of the world and ourselves, but also that they hold many mysteries of the world. If you're looking for a meditation stone, look no further.


A crystal with an Isis shape has five primary faces, but one of these faces is significantly larger than the others. Isis forms, named after the Egyptian fertility goddess, are said to substantially increase your sensitivity to and enjoyment of your own feminine energy. Regardless of the crystal's inherent qualities, this creation is potent enough to have a profoundly positive effect on its surroundings.

Isis formations are great reminders of your strength, so I suggest placing them in areas where you spend a lot of time, including the bedroom and the workspace where you create your awesome, productive ideas. Isis formations are doubly effective because they may make you feel strong and capable, especially in light of the many ways in which society has beaten down on women.


These smooth stones are the right size to rest in your palm, and they come with a unique feature—a worn-down mark that may be rubbed with your thumb. These have been given the name "worry stones" because rubbing them can reduce feelings of tension and concern.

Carry a worry stone in your pocket so that whenever stress begins to build up, you may reach into your pocket, palm the stone, and begin massaging it. These are lovely stones, and I'd be happy to have one in my automobile. We all know how frustrating traffic can be.


After being tumbled into a rough sphere, these stones are split and polished flat on one side, exposing the crystal's intricate structure. Dusty or frosted appearances are common on their exteriors. It's a very neat thing to do. Picture Windows are commonly used for scrying, a form of divination that involves looking into the future via a crack in the glass. It's a nice shape for meditative or shamanic purposes. To scry or divine, hold the icy part of the crystal in your hands and look at the sliced, clear side.


Crystals that form a cluster have multiple facets that radiate out from a central point. There may be several apexes aiming in different directions, yet there may also be only a handful of nodes with sufficient mass to warrant notice.

Putting a smaller stone across the cluster and allowing it to absorb the energy is a common way to charge other stones. The employment of clusters is another effective method for modifying a sizable or hectic room. In proportion to the number of points in the cluster, the amplification properties of the crystals increase.

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