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Mabon - The Autumn Equinox Celebration

A Time of celebration and giving thanks.

Up Front Disclaimer This article will be filled with Verifiable facts. But we( the owners of Naturally Virpio) do not Subscribe to Wiccan religion, practices, culture, etc. So the history of it remains intact but the way we celebrate may differ from "normal" traditions. I will try to be aware of that and clarify what we do vs tradition - that being said everyone's walk in their belief systems and spiritual relations is different. That said here we go!


The name Mabon is said to have originated in Celtic legend from the Welsh god Mabon, who was the son of the Earth Mother Goddess and a god of light himself. Mabon is associated with Herne the Hunter and the beginning of the deer-hunting season in the British tradition.

Many cultures hold harvest festivals around the autumn equinox. Oktoberfest in Germany, Mid-Autumn Festival in China, Mehregan in Iran, and even American Thanksgiving was originally celebrated on October 3rd (much closer to the actual harvest season).

Mabon is mainly a harvest celebration to praise nature for a healthy harvest and to pray to their gods and goddesses of the earth that the grain would live through the winter. Feasts, fires, offerings, and sacrifices would take place.

here are all the earth Deities I know off the top of my head:

In Greek mythology, the Earth is personified as Gaia, corresponding to Roman Terra

Chinese folk religion - Houtu (Di Mu)

Ancient Greek religion - Gaia, Cybele, Demeter, Persephone, Rhea

Ancient Roman religion - Terra, Ceres, Ops, Proserpina

Hinduism - Bhumi

Native American - Spider Grandmother

Lithuanian mythology - Žemyna

Māori - Papatūānuku

Mahayana and Vajrayana - Vasudhara

Historical Vedic religion - Prithvi

Egypt Geb god of the earth and vegetation

*honorable mention Oshun Africain Orisha of water, however! according to lore, the earth could not be made bountiful without her.

In my practice, I favor honoring the Orisha, Egyptian, or Greek/Roman gods. but I do suggest researching all the deities you can. The mythology to them makes their dominions specific and nuanced and that can sometimes be the difference in the power of a spell or ritual.

Like with any ritual spell or celebration you need an altar!

Autumn Altar:

Now is the time for rest and relaxation, celebrate the Sabbat (sabbat means "to rest") by creating your autumn altar in grapevines, gourds, cornucopias, and brightly colored fallen leaves.

  • Candles: Brown = Stability, Focus, grounding, Orange= Vitality, Energy, Yellow= Warmth, Friendship, Creativity

  • Feathers

  • Stones: Smoky quartz, Bloodstone, Carnelian, Quartz, Garnet

  • Herb: Yarrow, rosemary, sage, mugwort, rosehips, cinnamon

  • Plants: Cornucopia (horn of plenty), pinecones, seeds, autumnal leaves

  • Foods: Corn, beans, squash, apples, pumpkins, cider, root vegetables, pomegranate, wine

  • Flowers: Sunflowers, thistle, marigolds

  • Animals (use pictures, sculptures, or maybe a feather): Owl, stag, blackbird, salmon

Mabon is fundamentally about appreciation for what has been garnered this year, with an eye toward the winter's trials. It also signals the understanding of a mental and physical shift required for the longer, darker evenings and harsher conditions that lie ahead.

Ways to Celebrate

Harvest! Apples are a popular Mabon symbol, so welcome them into your home in the form of fresh fruit, juice or cider, delectable warm pies or pastries, or even scented candles. Up the apple! But any harvestable foods are still valid for this method of celebration so get out to those pumpkin patches and corn fields too!

Mabon, like spring, is a perfect time to clean up around the house. After all, you'll be spending more time here in the fall and winter. Finish any outstanding work and remove emotional and physical clutter from your home so that it feels serene, calming, and tranquil.

Organize a Mabon harvest supper. Invite everyone to bring their favorite snack or drink to share. Display your altar. Begin some cheerful conversations about what you're grateful for this year. Make it feel like a warm, comfortable pre-Thanksgiving atmosphere, but much more casual.

Do you have a collection of lovely notebooks that you've never used? Take one out and begin a gratitude notebook. Keep a journal of everything that makes you happy or grateful. This will undoubtedly improve your mood. Furthermore, it communicates to the cosmos that you would like MORE of the same.

JOURNAL EXERCISE: Some Autumn Equinox season questions to consider:

  • What is your personal harvest, and what have you brought into manifestation this year?

  • How can you honor the Earth, which nourishes us all?

  • What kind of abundance did you have this summer? What favors have you received? Take time to express your heartfelt gratitude for these bounties.

  • Consider things other than yourself—your projects and creations... What significant projects have you completed? What are some of your proudest achievements?

  • However, consider the things you've been working on within yourself. What modifications have you made? And how have you changed since the start of the year?

  • In what aspects of your life do you feel genuinely balanced? Where do you think you're killing it?

  • Where do you feel unbalanced? What makes you think that? Give yourself one action item to get things back on track.

  • What are you willing to let go of? What do you need to let go of in order for fresh life to sprout?

  • Write a note to yourself in which you express your gratitude for all of your efforts this year.

What do you plan to do to celebrate Mabon? Do you have any traditions you subscribe to? We'd love to know! Tell us about your Mabon in the comments!

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