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Smudging is a time-honored process for purifying a room or household of negative or inert energy. For thousands of years, our foremothers and indigenous cultures have utilized smudging to drive out evil spirits and make room for uplifting, healing energy.

Burning sage, herbs, or resins produces sacred healing smoke. The smoke wafts into the air, filling it with purifying, healing energy. As we go about our daily lives, interact with people, and transport energy from one location to another, stagnant energy accumulates. As a result, there are minimal vibrations and an energetic plateau. You may be uninspired, apathetic, trapped, or melancholy.

When this occurs, smear your home, room, and office!

In current society, the terms saging and smudging can be used interchangeably. While smudging is performed by Shamans, the intermediaries between the material and spiritual worlds, it is the same as "saging" oneself, your home, or your environment.

A 2007 study indicated that the Native American practice of smudging had a favorable effect on persons suffering from cardiovascular disease in this group. An early 1999 study found that this routine had health benefits. The researchers compared emergency room patients to healing ritual participants who all had the same chronic illnesses. Those who were exposed to smudging rituals, sweat lodges, and healing ceremonies had much better health than those who were treated in a hospital. Both findings propose that western medicine should be integrated with Native American rituals and healing traditions.


How To Sage/ Smudge

Step 1: Open Windows and Doors

We urge that you do because when the sacred smoke purifies your environment, you’ll need to direct the negative energy outward. Open the windows and doors to guide the smoke away from your home or space.

Step 2: Set An Intention

What do you say when you smudge? Begin by determining what you require from your ritual. Some people call this a smudging prayer. Maintain a straightforward intention. "I ask this practice to cleanse and purify my home of negative energy," say the ritual. Healing crystals have been found to boost smudging rituals. Clear quartz is very effective at amplifying your goal and enhancing the cleansing process. Take a minute to reflect on your intention, and then get started.

Step 3: Light Your Sage/ Smudge Stick

Take your fireproof dish and place your sage stick on top of it. Then, softly fire the end of the sage stick with the candle or lighter flame. Any ash or embers that fall to the ground will fall into the fireproof dish underneath. A flame will slowly ignite. Lightly blow on the flames to extinguish it. The sage stick, like an incense stick, will emit healing smoke.

Step 4: Cleanse Your Space

Begin at the door, cleanse the doorway, and then work your way around the perimeter of the room with your smoking sage stick. You can bring in energy by going clockwise, or counterclockwise. Get into the cracks and crevices to fill them with healing smoke. Smudge the smoke onto windowsills, as well as open closets and cupboards. Small places have stagnant energy, so be sure to fan the sage smoke into these areas. Allow the smoke to evaporate by leaving doors, closets, and pantries open. If the smoke goes out, go back to step 3 and restart it with a flame over your fireproof bowl.

Step 5: Extinguish The Smoke

The sage stick may still be smoldering after you've smeared your entire house. Take out your ashtray or sandbox. Press the stick gently into the earthen bowl until the smoke stops. Some folks prefer to let the sage stick naturally burn away. If you want to do this, keep the sage stick burning until it stops smoking. 

Never leave a lit item unattended.

Check out out sage and smudge bundles and sprays for on the go energy resets.

How did your smudging go? Did our tutorial help? let us know in the comments!

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