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Tarot Meditation and why you should!

Through contemplation and reflection, you can get a deeper understanding of the Tarot. It may be put to use in the service of healing, manifestation, or spiritual contact.

Meditation with the Tarot can help us learn more about its symbols and their significance. Doing so allows us to rely more on our innate wisdom than on our analytical capabilities.

By clearing our minds of mental clutter and distractions, we can gain access to the knowledge and insight stored in our subconscious. Following our instincts in this direction will help us improve our card-reading skills.

I'll show you a super easy 7-step method for using Tarot cards in meditation.

Tarot Reading as Meditation

Stage 1- Pick a Tarot Card.

If you're just curious about the Tarot's meanings, pick a card at random or one to which you are especially drawn.

You might also pick a Tarot card based on the current subject of your mind. If you're single and looking for love, the Lovers or the Two of Cups are the cards to pick. If you're looking for enlightenment, the Hermit is another option.

Stage 2- Construct Your Setting

Set aside at least 20 minutes of uninterrupted time, and go somewhere quiet. Put your mind at ease by eliminating all potential sources of disruption, such as your phone.

Play some guided meditation music, some appropriate Solfeggio Frequencies, or just sit in silence. Turning out the lights and lighting candles infused with essential oils, incense, or smudges can help set the mood.

Improve your posture by sitting up straight. You'll probably go to sleep if you lay down. Keep the face-up Tarot card exposed.

Stage 3. Take a deep breath and concentrate

When you're comfortable, it's time to concentrate on your breathing.

Focus on the sensation of air entering your nose as you take a few deep breaths. Inhale deeply through your nose, and as you exhale, focus on the sensation in your nostrils.

Don't forget to focus on your breathing and keep taking deep breaths.

If any random thoughts pop into your head right now, just watch them float away like clouds. Get back in touch with your breathing.

Stage 4: Unwind

Now is the time to focus inward, on your actual body. As you take a deep breath in, you'll feel a rush of oxygen's purifying, invigorating vitality. As you let your breath out, visualize a wave of peace flowing over you.

As you scan your entire body from head to toe, you should feel a sense of peace penetrating your nervous system.

Now is the time for you to relax and feel at ease.

Stage 5: Zero in on your chosen Tarot card.

Pay close attention to the Tarot card in your palm. Relax and focus on the Tarot card by taking five deep breaths at a leisurely, even pace. Again, if thoughts occur, label them as such and watch them fade away like smoke in the wind. Pay attention to your breathing and the Tarot card in your palm.

Envision the card expanding until the figures and objects depicted on it are nearly life size. Imagine yourself filling out the card. Take a look around you. What do you think?

Who else is in your card game?

What kinds of things are there?

Which colors stick out the most?

Feel free to reach out and touch something on the card.

Is that what you're hearing?

Inhale deeply and take in the fresh scent of the air around you.

Is the card including something edible? You should try it.

~Imagine that you are one of the people pictured on the card. Become that kind of person. ~

Just how does this person feel?

What are this person's innermost thoughts and emotions?

Tell me about their actions and behavior.

How do they feel about things as they are now?

~Act out your character by talking like them. ~

Just what are your thoughts?

Just what is it that you want to say?

I'd like to hear your recommendations.

Inspect your surroundings once more.

To what do you attribute your positive emotions?

What motivates you?

What, if anything, gives you cause for concern, stress, or other negative emotions? Reflect on how you're feeling right now and release any pent-up stress.

Examine the card closely for clues about what it represents. How does one put them to good use? Why are they even in our country? What do you interpret their symbolism to be?

Look about you one last time. Please share the things you've discovered that you missed earlier.

The task on which you've been focusing is almost completed. Leave the statue and the Tarot card far behind you. Witness the card's return to its previous size.

Stage 6: Become aware

Appreciate your hard work, and know that you may reach this level of serenity and clarity again whenever you wish.

While doing so, take a couple of deep breaths and notice how your body and mind respond to the renewed energy.

If you were closing your eyes, you should feel refreshed and ready to take on the world when you open them.

Stage 7: Observe and Record Your Contemplations

As soon as you end a Tarot card meditation, record any insights you gained. Write it down right now in your notepad or diary.

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