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Weekly General Reading for Water Signs Nov. 20, 2022- Nov.26, 2022

Everything may seem to be going well, but we are not taking advantage of this energy surrounding us. It's time to be productively disciplined. Try and stay away from self-sabotaging habits by taking this time to create some structure with a clearly thought-out plan by making a scheduled day-by-day and writing it down to make sure you are filling your day with things that get you closer to the goal you have at the moment and stick to it. Be patient with the process no your not going to see significant results in one day you have to keep nurturing what you are trying to manifest and Don't be afraid to ask for help along the way because this is all trial and error so things may not always pan out the way you want but that doesn't mean you give up You may often focus on how you are going to get there and that is putting the energy in the wrong place this is self-sabotaging. Putting energy in the wrong places will manifest problems.

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