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Weekly General Readings for Fire Signs Nov. 20, 2022 - Nov. 26, 2022

Updated: Mar 24

You may be struggling financially because your recklessness and selfishness are causing the rift and this is the karma for living outside of your means. The people you are trying to impress do not have your best interest because they don't really care about you. If you really want to impress them, do it in a way that is in alignment with your life. The people you look at who seem like they have it together either did the work and can live the life they live, or actually are struggling behind closed doors. Most are struggling. Stop resisting the tide of change and change with it. That idea of success you have is old and dead. That is where the helplessness comes from. Maybe its time to skip some of those social events you have planned and take that time to invest in yourself

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