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Bundles & Kits

Bundles & Kits

Need a birthday or holiday gift? Just want more bang for your hard-earned buck? 

 Naturally Virpio bundle items are an excellent affordable to give all-natural luxury. 


*For the custom bundles: the 19in incense mix and match, Bomb & Bar, and crystal pipe and smokes when on the checkout screen specify in the add note section. 


All kits are made to order. please allow us 3 business days for assembly.

  • Bath Bomb Bundles

    Top 6 Bath Bomb Set:

    This core group of Bath Bombs have been grouped together as our best selling fragrances that will appeal to every bath lover! 

    Assortment Includes:Madly In Love Bath, Lavender Petals,Love Potion, Mango Tango,Lavender Muffin, Galaxy


    Glam Bath Bomb Set

    This bath bomb kit focuses on illuminating the beauty that lies within everyone.  Pamper yourself, indulge in relaxation, and satisfy your desires all from the comfort of your bathtub.

    Assortment Includes: Dreamsicle, Pink Petals, Pink Sugar, Sugar Rose, Berrylicious, Glamgirl 


    Vitality Bath Bomb Set:This kit is perfect for those striving towards a state of strength and wellness. These 6 bath bombs will help you relax, recharge, and give renewed vitality to your spirit. All from the comfort of your bathtub!

    Assortment Includes:

    Lavanilla, Breathe Easy,Balance,Black Amethyst, Creativity , Cucumber Melon.


    Oatmilk & Honey Bundle- Soap, sugar scrub, body butter, bath bomb, lotion and free loufah 

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